ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — On a sunny June day during the NFL offseason, all is calm at the Bills bus lot—but rewind to any game day, and you might see a fan fly through the air onto a plastic table.

"Unfortunately we had a few incidents in the bus lot last year, fan-related, where we actually ejected some buses from the parking lot. Had some issues with fans and irresponsible behavior," said Andy Major, Buffalo Bills vice president of operations.

After fan complaints and an internal review of their policies, team officials decided to make changes to the bus lot, including increasing the price of parking from $60 to $100, requiring fans to purchase permits in advance and pay an additional $100 for a security deposit that can be lost if fans violate the "fan code of conduct.”

"As long as fans behave normally, properly and by the fan code of conduct, they'll get their deposit back. There can be an instance where a fan gets arrested or ejected. In cases like that the fan won't get their security deposit back," said Major. 

It's an effort by the organization to improve the overall fan experience. But the question still remains: Are those now-famous table jumps against the fan code of conduct?

"You're jumping off a bus that's X amount of feet off the ground and you're missing. It's a little scary to see that on video and it's concerning. It makes us as an organization look bad, it makes the county, the local area look bad," said Major.