BUFFALO, N.Y. -- If you think you've got what it takes to design a park, then listen up!

The Western New York Land Conservancy will soon be launching a design competition to transform an old South Buffalo rail line into usable green space.

The abandoned mile and a half trail runs right along the South Park Avenue lift bridge.

After speaking extensively with the community, the non-profit has outlined plans to spruce it up, while still keeping it as wild as possible.

But they'd like some outside input on the final design.

So, with the help of some grants, they're looking to put $400,000 toward a design competition, which is expected to start in July.

"We'll pick our favorites and then we will have a big open house and we'll display them and we'll strongly encourage people to attend to let us know what they like and don't like and then we'll pick a designer from there,” said Alicia Fahrner of the WNY Land Conservancy.

Fahrner says they're still working out the details and will be posting them on the conservancy's website very soon.

She expects the project will take several years to complete.