BUFFALO, N.Y. — A man is still on the loose after police say he beat his girlfriend in her Buffalo apartment Tuesday morning. She's now hospitalized, but police have not given any information on the extent of her injuries.

"It's upsetting. You get to know your neighbors very well. She's a very sweet woman, always helpful and kind. Sad to hear about it," said Bryan Bollman, neighbor and East Lovejoy Coalition former Block Club president.

Neighbors who didn't want to go on camera say while they didn't hear anything Tuesday morning, they have often heard fighting coming from the apartment. 

"As councilman, we really look at the rentals very hard. We'll ask, who's there? What are they doing? What problems are associated?’ We're going to call the landlord in to see who's supposed to be in the apartment, who's not supposed to be in the apartment. I'm sure there will be an order of protection issued. And that would have to be also looked at to make sure it's being protected and make sure whoever is on the property is safe," said Richard Fontana, (D) Buffalo Common Council - Lovejoy District.

Fontana says if there's a problem in his district, he wants neighbors to give his office a call at 716-851-5151, or if it's something potentially life-threatening, call 911.

"Things could change quickly on the scene, so that's why the officer should be called out. Get a CPO over there to assess the situation and have that officer make a determination whether or not it is a safe environment," said Fontana.