The snowy winter has a lot of people saying "enough already," but area ski resorts are thanking Old Man Winter for a great year on the slopes. Kevin Jolly went to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville to see how good this winter has been for business.

ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. -- The past two winters were an uphill battle for Holiday Valley.

"Two years ago definitely way not our best year as far as weather goes we had some real weather challenges and the whole year was difficult. We still had 90-some days of skiing. Last year we actually had a lot of natural snow, but we also had a good bit of rain too. Very several severe weather cycles last year," said Holiday Valley spokesperson Jane Eshbaugh.

But now thanks to a snowy and cold winter things are looking up.

"The skiing has been amazing this year," said Eshbaugh.

Eshbaugh says the natural snow coupled with consistent low temperatures has made for ideal skiing conditions. 

"First of all it's really nice to have all our 60 slopes open. The snow surface has been really nice. Nice and soft, really carvable, so that's a lot of fun. Nice pleasant temperatures, people are really having a great time this year," said Eshbaugh.

Snowboarder Evan Codding from Ohio agrees. He’s been five times this year.

"Snow, snowfall. Accumulation, I think they have a 55-foot base right now. So, that's excellent. Then you've got whatever snow comes  on top of that, fresh power. It's all good," said Codding.

"Things have been much better this year. With between the cold temperatures, a lot of natural snowfall, and the snowmaking capability of the two resorts, it's been worlds better than the past two seasons," said Spencer Timkey, manager of the Boardroom Snowboard Shop.

Just down the road at the Boardroom Snowboard Shop manager Spencer Timkey says when the resort is busy the entire village benefits.

"We have a close relationship, the village and the shops in town and in the resort. So, when the skiing is good people come and they eat and drink and shop, and they wake back up and they go back to the hill and the cycle continues," said Timkey.

It's a cycle officials at Holiday Valley hope will continue through the end of the ski season in April.