Born and raised in Rochester, John Borsa is a Western New York native. With over 25 years of broadcasting experience, it’s safe to say that John knows his way around the upstate beat. John has earned his local status as a two-decade resident of Buffalo and with a four-year stint at Spectrum News Buffalo under his belt. John’s favorite thing about Buffalo? No matter where you go, the community is always looking out for one another – especially in the snow.

Among the hundreds of stories John has shared with his community, the one that sticks out to him the most is his coverage of the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence Center. John was moved by the families affected and their drive to push for greater safety measures, which has since prevented thousands of crashes and lives lost.

Outside of broadcasting, John enjoys photography and graphic design. When he's not on air, you can find John volunteering and being active in charities throughout his community.

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