We’re known for our great chicken wings and our horrible winters, but this year Buffalo has hardly had a winter!  

Aside from a few snowy nights, most in the area have not seen enough snow to shovel!

What You Need To Know

  • As of January 10th, Buffalo has seen below average snowfall

  • Lake Erie and Lake Ontario have less than 1% ice coverage

  • This little ice on the lakes is not uncommon this time of year

  • A lot of cold air and winter is left to potentially 'catch up' on snow

As of January 10, 2021, the Buffalo Airport has picked up 33.2” of snow since the start of December.Six of those inches of snow came down on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

That snowfall total is almost four inches below average (36.5”) but actually more snow than we had last year at this time. In the winter of 2020, we had just over 20” of snow at this point.

Although it is has been quiet so far, the Great Lakes still are wide open and there is still a lot of time left in the lake-effect season! To put it into perspective, The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, or GLERL, is reporting only 0.2% ice coverage on Lake Erie.

Ironically, Lake Ontario also has a mean concentration of ice at 0.2% as well.

That means all it takes are ideal conditions, and lake snow can develop in a snap. Lake Erie sits at 36 degrees now while Lake Ontario sits at 38 degrees.

For a look at an ice coverage forecast for any of the Great Lakes, click here. For you every day forecast, be sure to follow Meteorologist Kaylee Wendt on Faceb​ook, Instagram, and Twitter!.