Rockland County Executive Ed Day says the county still intends to challenge a judge's ruling barring it from enforcing its public emergency order to keep unvaccinated minors away from public places in the wake of a measles outbreak.

He says that order is still working to get more people vaccinated against the measles, around 1,760 since it was put in place about three weeks ago.

Day says he intends to renew the emergency when it expires April 25. The judge's ruling against the order questioned whether the outbreak was serious enough to call a public emergency. Day also pushed back on that today.

"The fact of the matter is, we have had five cases go to the intensive care unit, including one infant. Need we wait for someone to die?" Day said. "It is grotesque that measurement has someone seeped into this debate, even in our own court system."

Day added that more resources and personnel will still be mobilized to fight the measles outbreak. He also emphasized that orders for some schools within the county to keep excluding unvaccinated students, and to keep turning over vaccination records to the Department of Health, remain in effect.