Tune your radio to the right station in Fishkill and you’ll be whisked to a winter wonderland that's the creation of Dawn Fortis.

Fortis and her husband Joe have been setting up an elaborate light show for the last five years at their home.

In addition to the dazzling lights and music, visitors to the nighttime show can take a picture with Santa Claus and get a holiday goodie.

Fortis said the show of Christmas spirit had humble beginnings, but in the last five years, it has become a tradition that neighbors love.

What You Need To Know

  • Dawn Fortis and her husband Joe host a Christmas light show at their Fishkill home

  • Fortis, a breast cancer survivor, raises money through the Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation

  • The foundation helps local women get support for their breast cancer fight

There’s also a story behind the lights.

In 2014, Fortis was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says when she fought it, she did it with the support of her loved ones. But she knows some people don’t have that support.

“It made me stronger," Fortis said. "It made me want to help women like myself who didn’t have anything or didn’t know anything.”

Three years ago, she created the Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation, named after her granddaughter. With it, she helps local women battle breast cancer through funding cancer research, scholarships, holistic healing and more. 

“We decided that she could help more people in our community by making sure the money stays here," said Fortis' husband Joe. "And we can decide, or us as a community can decide, where the money goes."

With donations from the light display and throughout the year, Fortis expects to raise around $30,000 so those fighting breast cancer can get the same help she did.