For the lucky few who’ve snagged a spot to get the vaccine at Dr. Neal Dunkelman’s office in Middletown, it’s a much different experience than what you would expect at one of the state or county-run vaccination sites.

"It's like a cattle call in the bigger ones, But here, it's more of a familiar setting," said Dunkelman's patient, Angela Hanratta.

That’s exactly why Dunkelman, a pain management physician who’s been in practice in Middletown for over 25 years, signed up to have his practice designated as a vaccination site.

"A lot of our patients are extremely apprehensive or skeptical to get the vaccine, so me knowing a lot of them for many years, they trust my advice and my opinion," said Dunkelman.

What You Need To Know

  • Dr. Neal Dunkelman and his wife, Eva, a registered nurse, have been distributing vaccine doses at their Middletown practice

  • They decided to administer vaccines to help increase the number of people vaccinated in their community

  • Dunkelman has been in practice in Middletown for over 25 years

When the New York State Medical Society asked for doctors to sign up to administer the vaccine, Dunkelman answered the call.

Dunkelman handles managing the vaccine shipments, but the whole operation is actually a family endeavor. That's because the nurse getting shots into arms is actually Dunkelman’s wife, Eva.

The couple met during the late-1980s, when Eva was an ICU nurse and Neal was an intern working at a hospital in Manhattan during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Now, they're fighting another global crisis together, COVID-19.

With only 25% of Orange County residents fully vaccinated compared to the statewide average of 30%, they understand the importance of convincing more community members to get the shot.

"I am proud that we're contributing to the community and adding to the vaccinated people," said Eva Dunkelman, a registered nurse. "One person that’s vaccinated can save a life."

If you'd like to sign up to get the vaccine at Dunkelman's office in Middletown, you can text (845) 209 -0979.