Egypt 'Ify' Ufele is used to turning difficult situations into opportunities.

The 14-year-old fashion designer created her own company, 'Chubbiline,' four years ago to help her deal with being bullied. She used her sewing machine as a way to cope.

"I was constantly degraded, but if you look good, you feel good. It boosts your self-esteem," said Fashion Designer Egypt 'Ify' Ufele.

When we first introduced you to Egypt, her story of overcoming adversity and finding success as a designer during New York Fashion Week quickly went viral.

Four years later, she's making her mark on the runway and in the classroom. She makes about 60 gowns a year, selling them for an average of $1,000 each. And many of the girls who used to tease and bully Egypt for her size, work for her at fashion shows.

"I don't like holding grudges, it takes too much energy," said Ufele.

"You really are a trailblazer, do you feel like that?" Shannan asked.

"I just feel like Egypt, basically,” Ufele answered.

She's not only making a statement with her fashions, she's also visiting schools to talk about bullying. Even speaking in Nigeria, where many of her fashion influences come from. Egypt's mom Dr. Reba Perry says traveling while remaining a full-time student can be exhausting, but it's well worth it.

"One little girl said, ‘why are you coming here for me? I'm nobody.’ And Egypt said, ‘you are somebody. You are me.’ And she hugged her. And that was the beginning of Egypt's journey in understanding why her mission is so important."

It’s a mission she carries out both in person and on paper. Last summer, the teen self-published a book called “Egypt Ufele: Life By My Own Design."

Egypt is also featured in an anti-bullying music video, which will be used as a learning tool during school visits.

"The only person stopping you is you. If you feel like, ‘oh I don't know.’ No, you can," said Ufele.

And it's that can-do attitude that's helped Egypt shut down bullies and at just 14, become the boss.

The young activist believes if she can overcome the darkest days of her life, anyone can.