NOTE: This story has been updated to correct Steve Greenfield's title.

Protestors flocked to Dover, calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to shut down the Cricket Valley power plant.

The New Paltz Climate Action Coalition says approximately 150 protesters from Resist CVE were able to interrupt the construction of the plant by using a tractor blockade. They say four protesters even climbed a 275-foot tall smokestack. A co-organizer of the protest says the outcome of the effort was clear.

"It was completely successful, unequivocally successful. The plant was closed from before sunrise to the end of the workday, and nothing happened there. The workers were idle, some delivery flatbeds that were out on the main street could not enter the plant and eventually drove away," said Steve Greenfield, co-organizer with Mid-Hudson Extinction Rebellion.

Protesters believe the plant, once it starts operating, will pollute the area and help to speed up climate change. We're reaching out to confirm a number of arrests reported in this protest and to hear from plant officials.