For the second year in a row Orange County is putting Domestic Violence Awareness Month front and center.

The county and Safe Homes of Orange County unveiled this year's initiative on Tuesday afternoon.

The Clothesline Project allows survivors or the loved ones of victims to make a t-shirt in honor of someone who died as a result of domestic violence. Each shirt on display at the event listed the name of a victim and the date he or she was murdered.

Organizers say domestic violence should be recognized year round, and pushed for greater awareness, and support for survivors of domestic violence.

"It's very important for days like today that we increase awareness and call out to our local, state, and federal governments, to invest more money in safe places like Safe Homes and across our nation because it's happening every minute of every day. We haven't stopped it yet and without increased awareness and also financial support, it won’t stop," said Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther. 

Safe Homes of Orange County supports survivors and victims of domestic violence by providing shelter, legal services, and other needs. In addition to working with legislators to prevent abuse and protect survivors.