Students and adults worldwide skipped classes and walked out of work Friday for the Global Climate Strike, all in an effort to put pressure on politicians to address the climate crisis.

"Because for too long we've seen our governments push off climate change and not prioritize it," said Melissa Hoffmann, Vassar College student and climate activist.

Hoffman was one of many Vassar College students protesting on Friday.

"People don't think anything bad is going to happen and people like to dismiss it because it's easier not to think about it," Hoffmann said.

Community members and city officials also made sure to show their support for the strike. 

"This, they know, is a live or die matter. We have no other time to change the way we've been treating our planet but now," said Sarah Salem, City of Poukeepsie Common Council Second Ward member.

Hoffmann says while it's important everyone care about what's happening to the planet, it's especially important for young people. 

"Our survival is questionable and so I think young people really need to recognize that and step up and show the older generation this is a big priority for us," Hoffmann said.

Student activists say the best way to get involved is by joining local climate activist groups and learning more about the threat of climate change.