The town of Vernon Planning Board has denied the appeal of Woodstock 50 to host the festival at Vernon Downs.

The appeal comes after organizers made one last push to have people support the three-day festival to be held in Vernon.

“I’m pleased with the decision of the Town of Vernon Planning Board to uphold the town codes officer’s decision denying Woodstock 50 a permit," said Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente in a statement released Tuesday. "As I’ve said earlier, inadequate planning and a dangerously truncated timeframe made having this event in less than 30 days from today impossible and irresponsible.”

An open house was hosted by the Vernon Downs Hotel Monday evening to present its plan to the public to try to convince lawmakers that the community can support the large event.

The original plan was for Woodstock 50 to be held at Watkins Glen International before officials terminated the site license.

"Woodstock 50 is disappointed that the Town of Vernon has passed up the opportunity to hold the historic 50th Anniversary Festival by denying our robust and thoughtful proposal," festival organizers said in a statement. "We regret that those in Vernon who supported Woodstock have been deprived of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of the rebirth of a cultural peace movement that changed the world in 1969 and is what the world needs now. We want to thank the artists who stood by us. We are grateful for the support of Vernon Downs and its generous owner Jeffrey Gural."   

Woodstock 50 does have the option of taking the town to court.