Ralph Osterhoudt is a World War II veteran, who came out to the FDR National Historic Site in Hyde Park Sunday for a community event.

It's aimed at connecting people with those who served in the military, and the stories and lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"We hit a land mine and it blew the jeep up, the driver, and myself, because we were on that side of the jeep. We were thrown clear, but we stood there and watched those other three guys burn up. To this day, I still see them" Osterhoudt said.

This event takes people through history: with reenactments, antique war vehicles, and most importantly, veterans from all different walks of life.

For Osterhoudt, Memorial Day serves as not just one of remembrance, but a very important obligation.

"I think some of us come back, like myself, just so we can be here today telling people to remember them. The worst thing that can happen to us is being forgotten and that's why I'm here today," Osterhoudt said.

Osterhoudt says even if you haven't served, go out and support those who have. Whether that be by attending a parade, or donating to a local veterans organization.