At 92 years young, Ralph Osterhoudt is one of the few remaining world war two veterans. Joined by West Point cadets, Ralph was on a battlefeild again, but this time for a much different purpose.

Osterhoudt is a member of Mended Swords, an organization that brings older and wounded veterans to have out of the box experiences. 

"I think it allows for him to feel that what he accomplished so many years ago has been worth it."

Osterhoudt says events like this are important because the younger generations are not joining organizations for veterans.

"My son and my son-in-law are both Vietnam Veterans and neither one of them will join any veterans organizations. My son told me this, and it's not true, he told me, 'I don't feel like I am a veteran like you are,'" Osterhoudt said. 

Osterhoudt says he does not understand this mentality because to him it doesn't matter how you served the country, what matters is that you did. 

"Maybe they weren't in Korea, maybe they weren't in Vietmam, but even if they've never seen a day of action, they're still a veteran, just the same as I am," Osterhoudt said.

Mended Swords currently has around 35 active members, and the hope is that they continue to grow.