The organization called Hudson Valley Pattern For Progress says the price of homes in the region are going up, interest rates are up, and sellers are getting a higher percentage of their list price over the past few years. 

"It's a seller's market. So it's a double-edged sword. You've got good pricing on one hand, compared to what was happening in 2007 and 2008, [and] you still have historically low interest rates. But right now is still a good time to get into the market," said Hudson Valley Pattern For Progress Research & Development Senior Vice President Joe Czajka. 

A real estate agent says there seems to be a trend over the past few years. 

"We're seeing a ton of properties that went from being foreclosures, to now being flipped by a lot of investors. Or from a lot of buyers, first time homebuyers, and other buyers, taking advantage of programs that have been available. I think that's rapidly been a reason why we're seeing prices go up, sale prices go up, and values go up," said Curasi Realty Real Estate Agent Dickie Baxter.  

But data shows the inventory of homes in the Hudson Valley has gone down, which could be a challenge for buyers. 

"Your buyer strength is going to have to be good, where you can't just roll in your closing costs like we have over the last couple of years. You're going to have to come strong with a good down payment, and closing costs, but I still think there are good properties down there," Baxter said.  

Trying to save money for that down payment and closing, while paying rent or debts, might add to those buyer frustrations. But there's hope. 

"For those that are earning less than $100,000, there's often programs available through agencies like RDAC and RUPCO for first time home buyers. They offer first time homebuyer assistance for down payment and closing costs, and they also offer rehabilitation loans when you buy the house," Czajka said.  

Pattern For Progress says it's hard to predict how 2019 will look because of changes to state and local (SALT) tax deductions, coupled with the chance that interest rates may continue to climb.