Hundreds found front-row seats on Tuesday for the demolition of the Tappan Zee Bridge on Piermont Pier, and recalled memories that made them feel the need to see the 64-year-old structure fall into the Hudson River.

"I grew up in Tarrytown, and the view from my house is the Tappan Zee Bridge," bundled-up onlooker Sara Delcarcine said just before the demolition at 10:52 a.m.

The bridge has been the background for many fond memories, including when she took her first solo car trip.

"The first thing I did when I got my driver's license was drive over the bridge and drive back," she said.

Delcarcine also felt her son, Max Stern, would benefit too, so she allowed him to skip class to join the festive atmosphere on the pier.

"This is kind of a really big thing for me to see it go down," Stern said of the bridge. "It's part of my childhood, kind of."

Hundreds others on Piermont Pier had similar reasons for coming to watch the demolition, an event that took about six seconds.

"I've been crossing it for the last 50 years," commuter Bob Vezeney said as he prepared his photography equipment just ahead of the demolition. "It's an event that won't happen again so I wanted to check it out."

"I grew up in this area and therefore we had to be here," said one mother who was about to bring her daughter back to school just after the bridge fell. "A lot of good times by the bridge. My dad used to keep his boat here. So it was worth the wait."

Contractors say the large debris created by the demolition was caught in a net down below, making the removal process easier and faster.