Two men pleaded guilty Wednesday to selling narcotics in Middletown as part of the "Coke Wave" gang. 

Traquane Dolson and Mason Milligan appeared in Orange County Court on charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy. Both defendants admitted they were part of a drug operation on Linden Avenue in Middletown. 

Prosecutors say the "Coke Wave" gang used intimidation tactics and violence, as it worked to cement itself as the exclusive source for drugs in the area.

The court says it would sentence Dolson to no more than 11 years in prison and Milligan to no more than seven years.

On November 30, sentencing was set in Orange County court for three men involved in the August 2017 killing of Coree White in Middletown. In September, 25-year-old Tramel Morman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, 21-year-old Juwan Dolson pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder, and 23-year-old Isaya Dolson pleaded guilty to second-degree conspiracy.

The Orange County District Attorney said the trio were connected to the 'Coke Wave' gang, linked to drug sales and related crime across the area. More than a dozen people were arrested earlier this year in what the DA called 'Operation Wipeout.'

Morman was given 18 years to life in prison, Juwan Dolson received 10 years, and Isaya Dolson will serve three to nine years.