Two families — with at least four young children between them — were displaced Thursday morning in a fire and found immediate assistance from their neighbors.

"I'm lucky, thank God," said Jesus Antonio, a father of four.

Antonio was working when he received the call from his wife about the burning home. He spoke with us as he moved his family's belongings from their home. 

Poughkeepsie Fire Chief Mark Johnson told us the fire was likely caused by a second-floor bathroom fan that overheated.

"No one was hurt but there was a lot of damage. They have to find someplace else to live because the code enforcement officials are going to turn off the electricity and the gas," said Chris Travel, the owner of the building.

Almost immediately, other neighbors began to help move belongings for both dispalced families as they had found temporary accomodations nearby. The Antonio family found a home next door.

With help from friends and neighbors, the Antonio family was completely moved out and into the home next door in less than two hours.

Antonio said he is grateful for the immediate response, and relieved the fire did not jump to another home.

"I'm lucky because my wife and kids are fine [and] my neighbors are too," he said. 

While the fire was contained to the top floor, extensive water damage throughout the home made it unliveable.

Travel said he has to check with his insurance company to find out the extent of the damage, but that the attic and much of the second floor was gutted.

Travel and a code enforcement official on scene, both said it could take several weeks before the home could be legally occupied again.

The home will be inspected and go through major repairs.