Thirty-one immigrant families in Kingston are going to find out how good their chances are of being allowed to stay.

Catholic Charities is hosting a legal intake on Friday for the Guatemalan families that the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network has been helping assimilate to life in Kingston, since they began arriving in early-summer.

Legal professionals are going to meet with each family to decide which families have winnable cases for asylum or protected status.

The intake is also going to double as a donation giveaway for the families.

While some families have already received federal removal orders, UIDN volunteers are hopeful that some good news will come out of this event.

"At least seven of them have gotten an order for removal... ...which means the process of deportation has started, and this is the point where they need to have a consultation with a lawyer so that they can apply or see if they qualify for any kind of asylum of legal status,” said Myrna Capaldi, UIDN volunteer.

After our last report on the UIDN's need for donations, several people reached out to the UIDN to donate beds, furniture, and clothing. Those are all going to be given away on Friday during the intake.