POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. -- If you're approached by a volunteer asking you to register to vote over the next several weeks, you might hear a different kind of pitch than before.

A training session Sunday taught registration volunteers in Poughkeepsie to ask "When was the last time you voted?" instead of "Are you registered?"

This is part of a non-partisan effort by the community group Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson.

They say their aim isn't to sway anyone; rather they want to get more people to go through the quick process to become eligible to vote.

Another part of their pitch is reminding people that communities with the most voters -- usually get the most attention.

"When a whole community votes, no matter who gets elected, they listen to the issues in that community, by far,” said Ann Sullivan, with the New York Civic Engagement Table.

To be eligible to vote in the September 13 primary elections, the Board of Elections must receive your registration form by August 24. To be eligible to vote in the November 6 general election, the BOE needs your form by October 17.