NEWBURGH, N.Y. — A Newburgh nonprofit and a trapeze organization are hosting workshops to benefit local children.

Safe Harbors of the Hudson and Zip Zap Circus USA say people are welcome to come to their trapeze setup at the corner of Broadway and Liberty.

People from the trapeze group will determine if you are fit to fly, then will teach you basic skills, or more advanced if you've done this before. The sessions cost $45 for children 6 to 12, and $60 for those 13 and up.

It's a fun and unique opportunity, plus all the money from these sessions will go towards the Ritz Kidz Zip Zap Circus program for Newburgh children. 

"That's a great opportunity for us to fundraise for the camp because the camp is totally free for the kids and they also get three meals a day with the camp. So it's nice for us to have this opportunity to fundraise and for the community to see the trapeze and Safe Harbor is all about," said Safe Harbors of the Hudson Executive Director Isa Silverstone.   

These workshops last until July 20, then the kids workshops will happen the last two weeks in July, ending with a free community circus show on August 3.