John Schultz Sr. spent years in the Air Force, but he never got to jump out of a plane. His trip to Skydive the Ranch changed it all.

"There may be no tomorrow, so you might as well take it today," said Schultz.

"We love that we're here to see him ... check off something on his bucket list, so we're anxious, but we're excited for him," said Schultz's granddaughter, Lauren Mangelli.

Some family members were worried about their beloved 'Pop Pop,' but his loved ones all came together to support and cheer him on, like his granddaughter Nicole, who was skydiving too.

"It's very special. I said I'd only do it one more time for somebody who really wanted to do it, and here we go," Nicole said.

And in a few minutes, the dive was done. Schultz's reaction? "It's one big kick in the ass."

"I think as everyone said, we're ready to get a beer after this," said Mangelli. 

"Maybe two," Schultz deadpanned.