Investigators say they've arrrested 26 people in Sullivan County as part of a drug distribution sweep.

The more-than-year-long investigation involved various agencies, including local police across the county, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, State Police, the FBI and the DEA.

Investigators executed nine search warrants Friday for locations like the Village of Monticello and the Town of Thompson. Through those raids, authorities discovered more than $35,000 in cash, crack and powdered cocaine, 120 bags of heroin, various prescription pills and a shotgun. It took almost 70 officers to execute the search warrants.

Sullivan County District Attorney James Farrell believes the drugs originally came from New York City, and says this bust was a big interruption in the organization's sales.

"Based upon what we believe to be the nature of the distribution network here, and the amount that they were distributing -- which was considerable -- we think that this is going to put a big dent into that chain," Farrell said.

More arrests are expected in the case, and the investigation is ongoing.