Delphine Nelkin is one of many residents in the town of Highland without power. She's been out since the last nor'easter hit the region last Thursday. She says it's been horrible.

Highland has had warming centers set up for the past several days to help residents stay warm and fed, but now many are staying with friends or family who have power -- or, like Nelkin, in a hotel.

Power crews have been seen across the town fixing lines, but officials say the initial response from power companies left something to be desired.

"They just want answers. They want current answers," said Dan Depew, deputy manager for Sullivan County. "And they feel that the answers that they have been getting through the systems in which the public utilities communicate with them has not been current or accurate."

"I have been calling NYSEG every day and checking on the website at the hotel, so I could turn around and find out what was going on," said Nelkin, who has animals at her home. "And all I'm getting is 11:45 tonight as of this morning."

NYSEG and Orange & Rockland Utilities report that they are working to restore as quickly and safely as possible, calling in mutual aid crews from other areas, and working with municipal, county and state resources to help clear trees and rebuild the power infrastructure.