This is the fourth year Representative Sean Patrick Maloney's office has asked the community to make and send Valentine's Day cards for veterans. And locals delivered: More than 6,000 cards were handed out to those who have served.

"Oh, they seem pretty touched," Maloney said. "I have to tell you, it can seem funny sometimes giving a Valentine to a Marine or an old Army officer, but I'll tell you what, they absolutely appreciate it."

People in the Hudson Valley from different schools, businesses and organizations shared their well wishes in the cards to people they've never even met.

"It re-confirms the fact, 'Listen, my fellow man loves me or my fellow woman loves me.' It's an interchange of feelings. That's what it is," said Alfred Dalessandro.   

"It says 'A lot of us are thinking about you guys, we haven't forgotten about you, we understand what you have done for our country, and we're going to recognize that,' " said Maloney.