New Year's came a little early for some kids and parents in Dutchess County on Sunday when Mid-Hudson Children's Museum invited families to celebrate New Year at Noon, its annual family-friendly New Year's celebration. 

"There's not a lot going on around town for New Year's. New Year's typically is an adult kind of thing," says Peter Jacobsen, director of education for the Mid Hudson Children's Museum. “But, it's important for kids to mark the passage of time too and to celebrate. And it's a chance to have a fun party, too."

It was a party complete with a DJ and dancing, balloon rockets, activities and crafts. Even a countdown to noon just like the big New Year's parties. And parents were thrilled to celebrate the holiday with their kids.

“This is a great opportunity for us to come in as a family during the day,” said Kimberly Rode, who came with her husband and kids Kieran and Brandon. “The kids get to play, we get to play and the best part is that it's at 12-o-clock noon and we all get to celebrate."

“We feel as a family that when it's New Year's Eve, that it's nice to all be together to ring in the new year,” said Lauren from Saugerties, who brought her son Will.  "So this is a nice way to do that, include our son, other families, other kids and start the New Year off that way."

Kids spent the morning learning, playing and celebrating the arrival of 2018. And, the daytime event helps parents out when nighttime comes. 

"Keeps the kids busy during the day," said Randy Finney. "So they'll sleep good tonight."