It's all smiles now for Larry "Smiley" Kleiman.

The Liberty Vietnam veteran is receiving a new set of teeth for free. In honor of Veterans Day, Dr. Michael Tischler and his team at Teeth Tomorrow in Woodstock wanted to thank Kleiman for his service in Vietnam. They decided to replace his missing teeth for free, in a six-month process that requires extensive dental surgery.

Kleiman did two tours in Vietnam and currently works with the K-9 unit and is an active member at his local firehouse. He now says that he couldn't be more thankful to finally be "real smiley" again.

"I can't put it into words," he said. "I just want to thank the doctors for doing this, and I know it is a big undertaking to do, and I really appreciate it a lot."

In the meantime, "Smiley" will be using a temporary set of teeth. The total cost of the permanent implant bridges ranges around $60,000.