ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Monroe County Democratic Legislators introduced a plan Tuesday that would add veteran-owned businesses to the county's "Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise policy." 

If passed, the Legislature would set a goal that 3 percent of the contracts it awards go to veteran owned businesses. 

At a late-morning news conference, lawmakers said they hoped the law would help integrate returning vets into the workplace.

Vets say the law would help the little guy to grow.

"Well, a lot of these veteran-owned businesses are so small they can't do things on the federal and state level," said Dan McDonald, veteran and business owner. "This will allow them to grow. I know for a fact there's two other surveyors here in Rochester that never bothered to do it because they're not big enough to travel throughout the state, but they'll do work in Monroe county and it'll be a stepping stone."   

The legislature's Ways and Means Committee will debate the proposal at Tuesday's meeting.