Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh celebrated its 53rd commencement Saturday. Nearly 600 graduates, young and old, crossed the stage. But one in particular exemplified the old adage that it's never too late to learn. Time Warner Cable News Reporter Matt Hunter has more on the story.

NEWBURGH, N.Y -- At 92-years-old Alvin Mann has earned his first college degree, a Bachelors of Arts.

Having served as a Merchant Marine in World War II and lived in Greenwich Village during the 1960's, Mann chose a subject of study he was familiar with, History. He admits he had a leg up over the other students.

"I've lived so long that in classes I'm able to sometimes answer questions that the instructor knows but the other students don't," said Mann.

He was able to use that knowledge to impart his first-hand experiences to his classmates.

"All these courses I've lived through them. So they were sort of second nature. I was able to even converse with the instructor and just let him know," said Mann.

To his friends, family and fellow students, Mann are a testament to determination.

"He never gave up studying. Anybody can do anything if they try hard enough," said Gertrude Mokotoff, Mann's best friend.

"He's a man of determination and he goes after what he wants and he gets it most of the time," said Mark Mann, Mann's son.

This isn't the end of the road for Mann.

"The next mountain I'm contemplating I maybe, maybe get my master's,” said Mann.

“In the meantime, party at my house and everybody's coming," said Mokotoff.