Many people are filling up their shopping carts to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast later this week.   

The good news is they'll probably spend less than last year.

According to the New York Farm Bureau, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is down about 15 percent. On average, a dinner for 10 people will cost less than $50.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food I think is really the stuffing, which I make myself,” said Judy Hunt, a Camillus Resident. “I make it with fresh herbs and whole wheat breads, so it's really good for you. And everybody loves it."

Many shoppers are saving money this November.

Turkeys cost less to gobble up. According to the New York Farm Bureau, turkeys are about a third cheaper than last year. It makes it easier for shoppers like Hunt.

"Well, it's always nice to save money on food, especially at Wegmans, because you know it's the best quality," Hunt said. 

A few ingredients are more expensive — like milk, pumpkin pie mix, and some vegetables. The farm bureau said shop around to find the best prices.

Lorraine Billingsley knows when entertaining a large crowd, costs add up quickly.

"My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family and my children and my grandchildren,” said Billingsley. “I love being with them. And I'm definitely spending less than last year."

The Farm Bureau said the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is going down because the farmers’ share of the profits is low. Farmers only get 8 cents of every dollar spent at the grocery store.

The Farm Bureau also said more families are diversifying their dinners. Nearly half of people also have ham at their Thanksgiving table.