How about satisfying your appetite with a few Little Guy Getaways? These are the little guys that no one knows about...yet!

Amato's Cafe' at 1100 University Avenue, near Culver Road, is one of those tiny walk-in joints that draws business people from the neighborhood. Chef and owner Justin Amato is a one-man show, creating great breakfast and lunch favorites six days a week. He has a menu on the board, but most customers just tell Justin what they want and he makes it! 

Zoc's Gourmet Burgers is another Little Guy Getaway at 975 Chili Avenue in Rochester. Zoc Johnson is chef and owner creating delicious Angus beef burgers that his loyal fans rave about! Open every day from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

How about Mexican food? Mi Barrio is new to the Corn Hill neighborhood at 319 Exchange Boulevard. Chef and owner Arturo Martinez has a passion for the food he makes every day for lunch and dinner. This 'little guy getaway' is fast becoming the go-to place for authentic Mexican food!