For decades, it has served has an easy destination for those traveling on Route 17 to and from New York City. That's why many visitors, college students, and celebrities stop by. As Explore New York continues, Jackson Wang introduces the Roscoe Diner in Trout Town U.S.A.

ROSCOE, N.Y. -- Roscoe New York will always be known for its Trout. 

But on your way to Trout Town U.S.A., it's hard to miss the big "Welcome to Roscoe, Roscoe Diner" sign as you take Exit 94 off of Route 17. 

“Our visitors are downstate, upstate, like you said, all over the world," said Tasse Niforatos, the owner of Roscoe Diner. "We’re the gateway to all the colleges. We’re Trout Town USA.” 

Since 1962, the world famous Roscoe Diner has been a popular destination for those traveling through Sullivan County. 

“They want something fast on the go, they’re in a hurry, so we kind of cater to that with our paninis, our deep fried French toast, we have Greek specialties, our hamburgers,” Niforatos said.  

But of course, if you want the full trout experience: “We have our royal trout or our pan fried trout, people recommend,” Niforatos said.  

Along with their fish and sauteed selections, many locals also recommend the French toast.

“That’s our signature item," Niforatos said. "It was kind of unique back in the day and kind of held on to it.” 

Besides the endless visitors, the Roscoe Diner is also home for many locals like Bernie Olff.

“It’s a ritual. I come here every morning, almost every morning. I have my coffee and my breakfast,” said Olff, a Roscoe resident.

Times may change and new visitors will arrive, but Niforatos says it's their consistence that keeps customers coming back. 

“Time after time, try and keep everything looking and being the same,” Niforatos said. 

“But everybody still comes back because they like the experience here,” said Denise Harting, a waitress at Roscoe Diner.