UTICA, N.Y. -- As part of our Explore New York series, we're in Utica, a place known for its great Italian food, especially things like Utica greens and chicken riggies.

At the Chesterfield Restaurant, they've seerved chicken riggies on its menu for over a quarter of a century.

"Chicken riggies came to be by one of our chef's at the time made a dish and I tasted it and it was delicious," said Salvatore Borruso.

"We sold a ton of them and it snowballed and, before you know it, we were selling over 20 orders a week. People were coming from all over the city and it went from people coming from all over the city to people coming from all over the state. And now we actually have people from L.A. that come in here, Chicago, they come from all over and they've heard of the dish and they're in town on business or on a family vacation and they stop in to have them."