A life long animal lover, Angel Scalice stopped her music career to open Hairy Tails Groom and Room, a spa of sorts for dogs.

"I don't start working on them right away. I let them walk around," she said. "There's soft music playing. There's aromatherapy. I have oils burning, big picture window, a lot of natural light."

Her approach, she says, is therapeutic for the dog.

"I try to keep it close to a family environment, but yet take it down a notch," Scalice said. "I talk quietly to them; a lot of soft music, gentle touches, massage."

She is also a certified Reiki healer.

"There are a lot of dogs out there who need her," said Patricia Dunn, who takes her dog Daisy to Hairy Tails.

Taking Daisy to get groomed was a nightmare for Dunn -- so much so the veterinarian prescribed a sedative to calm the dog. Then she met Angel.

"I tried to continue with the sedative, but she insisted we don’t do that," Dunn said.

Now, Dunn says Daisy is like a whole new dog.

Scalice is certified in animal CPR and first aid. Pet walking and boarding are also available. Patricia says there is a meet-and-greet before a dog is permitted to stay, to make sure it is friendly.

"It's like a bed and breakfast for the pets," Scalice said. "There are no cages used in any aspect of the business. They move into my house for any amount of time."

Dunn says once she found out Hairy Tails also had boarding, it made travel more realistic for her and her husband.

"I was afraid to leave them with anyone. I'm grateful. Just really grateful," she said.