The bowling alley at Destiny USA has gone through numerous changes over the past few years. Apex Entertainment is set to move in, saying it's a one stop shop.  

Apex is not wasting any space in the new venue; adding an arcade, bowling alley, virtual reality roller coaster ride, food options, and the list goes on.  

"Basically the space is a ball of fun," said Apex Entertainment General Manager Matt Johnson. "The biggest difference is we looked at what is growing and big in technology now, and we brought in virtual reality games."

The 55,000 square foot location has struggled to hold tenants over the years, while the Destiny USA site was previously home to Revolutions and All-Star bowling alley.

"The reason it's going to work is we're selling fun," Johnson said. "People are going to come in here, they're going to have a good time. Everywhere you go it's bright with great options all over the place. It's one of those places you're never going to want to leave."

Apex Entertainment says more than 600 people have already applied. The application can be found here - they are looking for servers, cooks, and other employees to fill 150 vacant jobs.

"We care about people," Johnson said. "We want our team members to be a part of the environment that's the best in Syracuse and [the same for our guests]." 

Many potential customers are already intrigued. They saw the flashing arcade lights and stopped to see what was being built.  

"I have teenagers so I'm sure I will be here with my teenagers or dropping them off," said Liverpool resident Tamela Gatewood. "But definitely, I saw a game that caught my attention, which is the Wheel of Fortune, so yes I will be visiting here because I like games too."

Apex Entertainment is scheduled to open next month.