His hat is from the 1970s. His jacket is from the 1990s, inscribed with his nickname from the 1950s.

At Solvay, everyone knows Dan Acchione. He played for the Bearcats from 1954-57.

“He’s the salt of the earth. He’s the best. I love listening to him, I love talking to him," Al Romano, who graduated from Solvay in 1972, said.

“He’s so much to Solvay, he really is," Mike McVey, another alum, said.

Back in Acchione's day, Solvay was a powerhouse.

“We had our ways of winning and we're proud of it. Real proud of it," Acchione said, recounting four championship years.

A walk on the hill above the Al Merola field is a walk down memory lane.

“We did a naughty one time," Acchione said. "Baldwinsville High School had just been built. We brought burlap bags soaked in kerosene, and in the middle of their brand new field, we made it into an 'S' and we lit it on fire. I think that remained that way for about three years. They couldn’t grow grass on it."

Those are memories with friends he’ll always remember.

“John 'Red Eagle' Tucker; we all had our nicknames," Acchione said. "Jack 'Punchy' Perone, 'Ack,' myself and Tony DeGilio. Us four were real tight. There is only two of us left of the four."

During the game, he shares a lot of laughs and ccountless stories.

“I tell ya, there was enough mufflers and tailpipes stuck along these hills here. Our knees would be bleeding after practice. It was really great," Acchione said.

As an 81-year old, he has a lot.

“I’ve had a great life and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Once again, I have a son that coaches here and a grandson that coaches here. I’m proud of that," Acchione said.