Getting good at golf is one thing. Teaching the game to others is an entirely different skill set.

It just so happens, being the head golf pro at Camillus Golf Club, Michael Morschauser excels at both.

In between all of the phone calls, the lessons, and customers checking in, the Utica native and former Le Moyne standout is trying to sneak some lunch into his busy day.

Over a meal, Michael talks about his philosophy; his preference for working at certain kinds of clubs over others; and how he might differ compared to other golf pros.

Mike is laid back. He shoots it to you straight and isn’t afraid to grab a drink with you afterwards on the 19th hole. That’s because it all boils down to this for Morschauser.

“The number one thing is you have to know your customer,” Michael says. “That’s the key.”

The key on this autumn day is trying to unlock a golf swing.

Time is running out for Michael to help Ryan Deibler straighten out his game. Ryan is new to the sport and has receiving lessons from Mike for the past few months.

“When I first started, I had trouble getting the ball up,” Deibler says. “Now it’s hopping up nice.”

But with the end of the season near, the two are looking to tune things up for the offseason. That’s when other pros might scramble for warmer climates, but not Michael.

Instead of heading south for the winter season, Michael stays in Central New York molding the next generation. Along with his wife, Clare, Mike’s focus is on his children.

Thanks to Clare’s profession, Mike is able to be a stay-at-home dad in the winter. So, whether it’s snack time, homework or taking in the view on a beautiful day, the offseason is when the Morschausers are making memories.

“This is what is important,” Mike says has he watches his children Flynn and Avery slide down a tube at The Pumpkin Hollow in Syracuse. “It’s the most important thing.”

It makes for two completely different lifestyles for Michael. I’m not sure how much being a golf pro has helped him as a father, but the patience that is learned parenting your kids can only help someone on the course.