If you thought the rivalry between Ithaca College and SUNY Cortand football was big before, it's gone to the next level now.

With players, students and alumni gearing up for the 60th edition of the Cortaca Jug game this weekend, they're already thinking ahead to next year.

Next year's game will be played at Metlife Stadium.

The invitation was sent to both teams in honor of celebrating 150 years of college football, next season.

"Oh it is just tremendous to have these two schools with the spotlight on them in the metropolitan area where most of our alumni base is from,” said Ithaca College Intercoligent Athletics Director Susan Bassett. “I think that it is right and fitting that we are a part of it and we are just excited."

Tickets go on sale December 1 with prices ranging $15 to $35.

This year’s Cortaca Jug game takes place Saturday, November 10 at SUNY Cortland.