Crews are on the scene of a large fire at a hardware store in Vestal.

The blaze broke out at the Home Central store, located on Stage Road, on Thursday afternoon.

Employees told Spectrum News that they were sitting at lunch break when someone ran in and said to get out.

There are no reports at this time of any injuries. You could see the smoke miles away from the Vestal location.

Home Central's storage area filled with lumber allowed the fire to spread quickly.

"Certainly there's more to burn, so makes it probably a hotter fire and gives it more fuel to burn," said Vestal's Public Information Officer, Walt Schlundt.

Employees like Bill Legg stopped by to see what was going on.

"It's just scary. I haven't heard any details yet so we got to find out as far as what we do for a job. I don't know I mean just clean up and help out I guess," said Legg.

Home Central said on their Facebook page that they are assessing the damage to the property but half of the building could be salvaged.

"There is a fire wall there between the two buildings. One of the employees shut the door, there is some smoke damage in the other part of the building but no fire in there," said Schlundt.