Law enforcement is warning residents to think twice before leaving their cars at night.

"Over the weekend we received multiple complaints of tires or rims being stolen off vehicles,” said Sgt. Jon Seeber, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Seeber said six incidents happened in the early morning hours in recent days.

Many Liverpool and Clay residents found their cars sitting on concrete blocks.

"Some of the apartment complexes include Heritage Park, Norstar, Long Branch Park, Harborside Manor Apartments,” said Seeber.

The Onondaga County Sherriff's Office and New York State Police are investigating the thefts.

"There's no particular pattern of cars,” said Seeber. “I think it's just a crime of opportunity."

It's not the first time this has happened. Officials believe the same individuals have been stealing tires and rims since December 16, targeting car dealerships and other apartment complexes.

"Once they find one or two in one area, they're going to stick around for that area,” said Trooper Jack Keller, the New York State Police spokesman.

In addition, Keller said three cars were stolen last week.

"The one thing we did see in common were the vehicles were unlocked and the keys were left inside,” said Keller.

Officials are reminding residents to lock their doors, and take their keys and valuables inside.

"We're hoping more people are paying attention,” said Keller. “Another thing with technology is the video surveillance, the Ring, whether it's the doorbell or whether it's the flood light. We ask people to check it. Another thing we've seen growing in technology is the Nextdoor app, where you're able to keep in touch with your neighbors."

"They do sell wheel locking lug nuts,” said Seeber. “You can purchase an aftermarket security system that has some type of shock censor on it. Park in heavy traffic areas. Do what you need to do to protect yourself and your property."

Police also recommend parking in well-lit areas and keeping your garage door locked. They also stressed the importance of talking to your neighbors and paying close attention to your surroundings.

Police are looking for your help to stop the thieves. If you've seen or heard anything suspicious, call the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office at (315) 435-3051 or the New York State Police at 1-800-448-3847.