The New York state Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a digital version of a state-issued driver license, learner permit or ID on a smart phone known as Mobile ID that can be used at several airports throughout the country and at any other business, venue or organization that chooses to accept it, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office announced Tuesday.

Mobile ID can be used by both iOS and Android users who has a valid, state-issued driver license, learner permit or non-driver ID. They can download the secure Mobile ID app through Google Play or the App Store.

The only airports in New York state they can be used at this time are all terminals at LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports in New York City. It can be used at nearly 30 participating airports in other parts of the country.

The DMV is working with various businesses, organizations, associations and state government partners to expand their understanding of the Mobile ID and how they can accept it. Any public or private entity that has a need to confirm an individual’s identify or age verification can begin accepting the New York Mobile ID at any time, the release said.

“We’re thrilled to give New Yorkers access to this cutting-edge technology which provides convenience and added security for Mobile ID users and those who accept it,” Hochul said in a statement. “Not only will New Yorkers be able to quickly display their IDs, but they will have control over the personal information they share.”

The app can only be unlocked through Face ID, TouchID, or a six-digit PIN. Information about usage including where, when, and what personal information the user has shared is encrypted and stored only on their personal device, the governor’s office said. The Mobile ID does not store or transmit data on when and where it is used.

The Mobile ID serves as a companion to a physical ID, and not all businesses or stakeholders will initially accept mobile IDs, so New Yorkers should always continue to carry their physical driver’s license or ID, Hochul said. 


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