Broome County taxpayers will see a 4% reduction in their property tax rates next year, according to the county executive.

In his 2024 budget address Wednesday, County Executive Jason Garnar said the proposed $447 million budget includes a tax cut — something that has been proposed for the sixth consecutive year, according to a press release from Garnar’s office.

“While the cost of living has gone up, we are once again making sure taxes are going down,” Garnar said. “Working with our Budget Team, department heads, and our partners on the Legislature, we have an opportunity to once again making living a little more affordable while still making important investments for future generations.”

It will also include public safety investments, capital projects, new housing developments and a proposed increase to the county’s veterans fund.

In Garnar’s address, he called the budget one of the most challenging in years, citing “more than $5 million in new, unfunded mandates from the State,” the press release said.

The investments in the proposal include a parks improvement program and a Greater Binghamton Airport renovation project.