In the 2024 election cycle, candidates will be receiving a funding boost thanks to the state’s new system of public campaign financing.

Joanna Zdanys, senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice’s Democracy Program, told Capital Tonight that this will change New York’s electoral system which has been “dominated by wealthy mega donors.”

Starting with the 2024 election cycle, candidates for statewide office and state legislative offices can receive matching funds for small donations between $5 and $250 with donations coming from in-district donors being boosted. A candidate who has applied for the program must reach fundraising targets and have an opponent in their election whether it is a special, primary or general election to receive funds.

Zdanys argues that public financing, which has been up and running in New York City since 1988, can “drive constituent engagement” as more candidates will be able to interact with voters rather than calling for campaign donations.