ROCHESTER, N.Y. — In response to Rochester’s state of emergency, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she's working to address recent violence with new legislation.

That includes banning assault weapons, enforcing a federal anti-gun trafficking law, ensuring reliable background checks and creating a data protection agency that has oversight over social media.

"There's also enormous amounts of anger and division in our communities that is fueling violence,” Gillibrand said. “A lot of that is caused by disinformation, lies and by social media platforms that are unregulated."

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren declared the state of emergency to address the surge of gun violence.

Under the directive, any Rochester business whose location has been a scene of a recent shooting and has built up a certain number of nuisance complaints will have their doors closed until the order is no longer in effect.

So far, two businesses have been shut down, the Black Bear Pub and El Chuchifrito, both after shots were fired in the parking lot.