The bipartisan infrastructure legislation is a big win for Central New York, Rep. John Katko said Friday during a stop at Hancock International Airport in Syracuse.

As part of the bill, set to be signed into law next week by President Joe Biden, the airport will receive $27 million.

"There's so many ways this impacts Central New York," Katko said. "It's going to track more business here because we're going to have better infrastructure for them."

The bill also includes $74 million for Centro and other infrastructure projects.

Katko was one of 13 Republican House members to vote for the measure, joining 19 Republican senators. Their votes in favor of the $1.2 trillion plan have been met with backlash from some in their own party, 

Katko told Spectrum News 1 earlier this week that his office had received many “troubling” phone calls over his "yes" vote.