BUFFALO, N.Y. — Every day, it appears to become more and more possible the lieutenant governor may need to step into the executive's role.

"We believe that it's coming to a point where the governor will be resigning."

State Conservative Party Chairman Gerry Kassar said with that in mind, she should be preparing to do so.

"Frankly the lieutenant governor should always be ready to take the place of the governor on Day 1, but if you look at the lieutenant governor's public schedule, you see what she's been doing, it appears that the governor, which is not surprising, has excluded her from just about every aspect of running New York State government in her tenure," Kassar said.

He is calling for Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul to take her place at the table now and have input on all important aspects of the state's government; decisions, if the governor resigns or is impeached, will be her responsibility.

"We believe that the continuity of government requires that she be involved immediately in the budget negotiations, the COVID issues, interactions with the federal government," Kassar said.

The Conservative chair doesn't seem to blame Hochul for what he believes is a largely political and ceremonial. Kassar believes Andrew Cuomo tends to shut other people out of the decision-making process, with the exception of a few members of his staff.

He said he does believe Hochul is capable of doing the job.

"I have great respect for her," Kassar said. "I certainly am aware of the roles she's played in Congress and in local government. I mean, I have more confidence in her being able to run the state than I do in Andrew Cuomo currently."

The lieutenant governor's office did not immediately respond to our request for a statement.