The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on Central New Yorkers is being brought to the attention of the federal government.

U.S. Rep. John Katko invited Onondaga County Exective Ryan McMahon to speak at a virtual House Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday, which Katko is a ranking member of.

The hearing focused on the federal government's response to the pandemic and how it could better support local municipalities.

McMahon pointed out several issues the county dealt with toward the beginning of the pandemic, including PPE shortages and a lack of CARES Act funding.

Even though vaccines are now available, he said this emergency is far from over.

"The victims of this pandemic are far more than just those who become COVID positive," McMahon said. "It is becoming clearer and clearer every day, the crises of mental health, opiate overdoses, where we've seen increases between 40 to potentially 70% in our county, where we are seeing what's happening to our children."

One of the big things McMahon wants to see from the federal government moving forward is changes to the supply chain.

He said the process should be more streamlined when it comes to getting aid directly to local governments.