The Associated Press is naming Republican State Senator Chris Jacobs the winner for the Republican primary and special election for New York’s 27th Congressional District.

As of Wednesday morning, with the votes counted last night, Jacobs is coming in with 68 percent of the vote. Democrat Nate McMurray has 28 percent, Libertarian Duane Whitmer comes in at 1 percent, and Green Party candidate Michael Gammariello comes in at just 0.6 percent.

Beth Parlato officially conceded the NY-27 GOP Primary Wednesday afternoon. Parlato said she looks forward to campaigning for President Trump "as we fight harder than ever to protect our freedoms and conservative values."



Despite Jacobs' commanding lead, McMurray says he's not ready to concede until all of the votes are counted.

Jacobs said he did well enough on Election Day, and he doesn't believe it will change the results. 

Full election results can be found here.